Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Who's Backing Who

Thanks to Nicholas who is keeping tabs on the preferences of bloggers in the Lib Dem leadership race. Of the 42 declared on here 17 first preferences are going to Chris Huhne, 13 for Simon Hughes, and 12 for Sir Menzies Campbell. So giving Huhne the slight edge in the blogsphere.

However we must not forget that this only represents 0.06% of the total electorate so people shouldn't get too carried away, especially as the 42 of us are amongst the most opinionated Lib Dems there are, and may not be reflective of the membership as a whole. After all if we weren't opinionated we wouldn't find stuff to fill our blogs with. Would we?


Chris Black said...

As you will have seen , I'm supporting Chris Huhne. But I do know there are some Lib Dems in my part of the world who are thinking of writing "Kennedy" on their ballot paper...

Andy said...

And I'm backing Ming Campbell, but I was *that* close to doing the Kennedy write-in.

Susanne said...


Good to see you have added the Reflecting Britain button link. Pleased to see somebody so quick to support. Updated info on my posting of yesterday I mentioned the fact. It has been picked by the site and listed. You should get more people looking at your blog


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