Friday, January 13, 2006

Nominate More Than Once: The Alternative View

Yesterday I blogged that I felt that MPs nominating more than one candidate was bad for democracy.

I received some disparaging remarks from others however in order to be balanced having been pointed to the following from Paul Keetch's website, by a comment from Angus J Huck on Quaeguam Blog!, I give the alternative viewpoint.

Hereford Lib Dem MP, Paul Keetch today opened up nominations for the Lib Dem leadership to local party members.

Commenting Mr Keetch said

"Although, I have already declared my own personal support for Sir Ming Campbell as party leader, I have had much feedback from local party members showing there is a clear desire for an open and democratic leadership contest.

"At a Parliamentary Party Meeting last night, I and other MPs offered to sign the nomination papers of any candidates, to consent to them standing. This will ensure that our party members who took no part in removing Charles Kennedy will have an opportunity to elect a new leader."

Nomination papers will be open to all Hereford Lib Dem members from today at 39 Widemarsh Street, Hereford to register their preference for any of the candidates. Nominations will close on 20th January 2006.

"Our party has always had a long tradition of direct democracy, and I encourage all local party members to sign the nomination papers for their preferred choice of Leader." Mr Keetch added.

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