Thursday, January 12, 2006

Simon Hughes Stands for One Member One Nomination

I like the note to editors at the end of Simon Hughes announcement to stand for leader of the party.


The first 7 MPs to sign Simon’s nomination paper are:

Annette Brooke
Tim Farron
Evan Harris
Paul Holmes
Mark Hunter
Steve Webb
Richard Younger-Ross

All 7 are not signing the nomination papers of any other candidate.

Now there is a man who understands democracy and the need to re-establish trust in the Liberal Democrats.


Leah & Robin Darbyshire said...

But from my point of view none of those nominees are particularly high profile. Does that mean he was scraping the barrel? I dunno. That's just how it seems to me.

James said...

Hold on. I can understand why signing more than one nomination form may be politically rather silly, but how can it be undemocratic? All it is doing is ensuring the field is as wide as possible for the members to choose from.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with MPs being allowed to nominate more than one candidate?

The members get a preferential election system - why should the MPs have to pick one candidate only to support?

Stephen Glenn said...

Leah or Robin, Paul Holmes is Chairman of the Parliamentary Party and before that was Work and Pension spokesperson. Steve Webb is Shadow Health. Annette Brook has been deputy Whip and a Home and Education spokesperson. Evan Harris was Shadow Health Secretary.

Plus some of the new intake to show that they aren't all part of Ming's Minions.

Having had Paul Holmes up here for 3 days of the Livingston by-Election and Simon for a day I know they are committed to the party at all levels all over the country.

James I know there is nothing in hte rules that stipulates that MPs cannot nominate more than one candidate. However, surely the spirit of the law is that in order to face the electorate the MP seeking nomination would have to carry 10% of the support of the MPs to cut out the possibilty of an Anthony Meyer type election.

I for one think that that needs tightening up in the rules, so the spirit of the law is the letter of the law, cause if a potential leader of the party can't garner 10% of their parliamentary colleagues who think they are fit for the job as of right you end up having a far worse scenario than merely 33 of the present intake not having confidence in your you have at least 56 of them.

Anonymous said...

..."the need to re-establish trust in the Liberal Democrats."...

..."Mings minions"...

Please let's not have a petty name-calling leadership election. We aren't Tories!


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