Friday, January 13, 2006

Friday: Launch Websites

I notice that Steve Guy has been keeping us updated on the web launches of the various campaigns throughout the day.

Well Chris Huhne was first out of the blocks to please all us internet geeks. He launched his campaign website this morning. I know the guys at Prater Raines are fast, but he only made his mind up in the last few days.

Sir Menzies Campbell made the news in Scotland earlier this week. However, I have it on good authority that these sites were only acquired to prevent a similar fate to that of John Thurso earlier this week. From reading that Herald article however, I'm not sure if this is a site for Ming's campaign or not. I'll try to find out if it is genuine.

Then we have Mark Oaten auditioning as Max Headroom. Or is that me showing my age as one of the Adrian Mole Generation? Apparently this is first of many webcasts he is planning to have. So maybe next time they'll take the phones off the hook on the other side of the office.

Simon Hughes does not have a dedicated campaign website at present, not even a Ming style holding page. He has only put a few links on his website. I'm sure there must be someone in his team that is capable of managing a website for a few months, so watch this space.

So at the end of the first working week I would give Oaten the slight edge over Huhne on the e-campaigning front. Simon and Ming have a lot to do to make up ground.

Also in this new media campaign Monday is set for the first TV Hustings of the campaign on Sky One [Correction Sky News]. As I only have Freeview I'll happily accept an invite from any friendly Lib Dem in the Lothian region so see how things unfold.

UPDATE: Tried some random URls and found this for Simon. Warning hard hats are currently required to be worn at all times on site, and all visitors must report to the webmasters office upon arrival.


Rob F said...

The hustings is on Sky News, not Sky One. Channel 82 on Freeview.

Stephen Glenn said...

Yippee so I will be able to watch from the comfort of my own sofa after all.


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