Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Bichard Report the Story So Far

So of the 31 recommendations of the Bichard Report how well are the Governmenet doing? Or in other words what is the answer that Tony Blair should have given Sir Menzies Campbell earlier today.

The Home Secretary Charles Clarkes seems to have been a little bit vague only last week on this matter. The first interim report of November 2004 and the second one of November 2005 make interesting reading.

However, there is still a lot of light between the actual recommnedations and the progress that many of them have made so far. I'm still trying to work out how many appear to ahve been implementated in full as recommended and how many are merely still in a planning stage however advanced. However, I'm hope Tony will be mulling over the answer with Charles Clarke into the wee small hours tonight.

Considering the serious nature of the implications of these recommendations, or the failure to do so, I hope that momentum is not being slowed down by excessive committees looking into the implmentation. But then being a realist I suspect the opposite to be true.

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