Thursday, January 19, 2006

Where Have the Websites Gone?

Following Oatengate last night.

This morning I am slightly concerned that both Simon Hughes and Chris Huhne's websites have gone down.

However, Sir Menzies Campbell's campaign team have been able to blog this today.

Disturbing. Flash we need you to save the e-campaign.


Will said...

The Hughes site uses Flash, unfortunately. So does the Campbell one, I think, but only for the top image.

I don't think it's just the Chris Huhne site though - all of those style LibDem sites seem to be down.

Stephen Glenn said...

Will, I've been able to access Simon's site without a problem on either PC.

I see what you mean about Chris Huhne and the other Prater Raines sites though.

Will said...

I can get on Simon's again now. Earlier, though, it was asking for a login.

Campbell's is a bit thin on content still, but apparently he's only launching his campaign today!

Liberal Neil said...

There is a server problem with prater-raines. Engineers are looking at it just now.

CIX also appears to be down.

Will said...

They're all back now...

Martin said...

Will, we doubled checked the Ming site with Flash blocker to make sure there was no reduction in usability for people without Flash, and also went and validated it for accessibility and XHTML compliance on our test site before going live. (This post on embedding flash while supporting standards was very helpful). Martin

Stephen Glenn said...

Actually Martin I've never had any difficulties accessing Ming's site, but then I didn't expect anything less with you in charge of that site.

Will said...

That's good to hear, Martin, thanks.

And the PR sites are down again this morning.


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