Wednesday, January 18, 2006

What Tony Blair Doesn’t Know

Well today he clearly wasn’t expecting to have to answer questions about sex offenders, or maybe he just doesn't care. Strange as Ruth Kelly has been in the news over that issue all week.

Sir Menzies Campbell came out strong and avoided a repeat of the faux pas of last week's debut, as temporary head of the Liberal Democrats, to ask two questions about sex offenders.

Firstly the Prime Minster was unable to answer how many of the Bichard recommendations, brought about following the Soham inquiry, had been implemented. Then he also was unable to tell us all when a police computer checking system for offenders was going to be completed.

I think on this performance we need to employ Matt Santos’s rules for debate on PMQs and make the Prime Minister give an answer to every question.


Peter Pigeon said...

I just posted that!

Stephen Glenn said...

I noticed about 3 minutes after me.

Great minds etc.

peter said...

Missed it on Five Live (the 110db chainsaw drowning even the playground noises of the govt and opposition backbenches) but it reads as though Ming played a blinder. Some backbone there to come back so strongly after last week. I like the 'ers' and 'umms' in the transcript.

Stephen Glenn said...

I have just watched it on BBC replay and I liked the ers and umms in the real thing.


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