Friday, December 09, 2005

Pipe Down or You'll Get an ASBO

Schoolboy piper Andrew Caulfield has been told he cannot practise his bagpipes at home anymore or he will be landed with an Anti-Social Behaviour Order. It is not that Andrew is a novice piper who tortures the air with inexperienced squeaks and squeals but at 13 he has already piped Santa in to lights on for the same council that is threatening him now. He also teaches other aspiring pipers on the canter.

After being 2 decibels over the limit on a simulated test his parents bought him a quieter set of pipes but the council have refused to retest the conditions.

Is this a case of an ASBO too far? What does this mean for the traditional music of Scotland, if pipers can no longer practise in their own homes?

Meanwhile to follow up on Mid Calder's ASBO the calming effect was evident last weekend. However, Charles Dundas, the Lib Dem candidate from both Westminster Elections for the area this year, while praising the police expressed concern that Anti-social Behaviour Contracts, which are used by some other councils, were not explored. These would have which helped to prevent anti-social behaviour before it took place, rather than an ASBO which deals with the problems after the event.

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