Friday, December 02, 2005

ASBO Over Mid Calder

I know that there have been at least two hits to this site this week over the Anti-Social Behaviour Order that has been placed over Mid Calder. I suspect that as my blog mentions both ASBO's and Mid Calder in the past that is why I am coming up high on the list.

Here is my take on this issue as someone local to the area, involved in politics and known to frequesnt the area in the evening following bowls at Mid Calder Bowling Club.

The situation in Mid Calder is starting to remind me of a mild saturday night ack home in Bangor. I say mild in that there are not as many kids hanging around, nor are they all as drunk as Bangor tended to be at chucking out time. However, Mid Calder is not as big as Bangor, so the groups of young people who congregate there look more like a hoard and are closer to residential areas than Bangor's main streets.

Our candidate in the General Election and By Election Charles Dundas talked to local police about this problem while out canvassing in the village in September with Simon Hughes. The police were saying that they were having difficulty controlling the situation which has been getting steadily worse in recent years.

It now appears that the only option open to them has been to apply for an ASBO that covers the entire village. Allowing them powers of dispersal to any group of two or more people, that they suspect of anti-social behaviour.

Are the police right to do so? Well there is no other option open to them under current legisation to take further action.

What affect will it have? Already some people are thinking and writing to the press saying the issue is liable to move just over half a mile away to East Calder. Others are saying the police cannot be everywhere to dispearse everyone all the time.

Where will this lead? We have yet to see but I will keep you posted.

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