Friday, December 02, 2005

USA Next to None on Climate Change - Says USA

Being a quiz freak while attempting to answer the BBC New Americas weekly quiz I can across this story that I had somehow missed.

What shocked me first is the arrogance of the USA who said on Monday:

"With regard to what the United States is doing on climate change, the actions we have taken are next to none in the world," said US negotiator Dr Harlan L Watson, saying greenhouse gas emissions had dropped 0.8% since George Bush became president.

The statement was of course shot down by environmentalists at the conference, Steve Sawyer of Greenpeace said:

"The one thing... we cannot afford is to allow this US administration to hold the rest of the world hostage while they go on about voluntary this and voluntary that," he said.

However, I think the statement from the US is just an attempt at over spin. They have merely changed sentance order and punctuation. This is the statement that possibly is mor ethe reality they were faced with.

With regard to what the United States is doing on climate change in the world. The actions they have taken are next to none.

After all Bush, rejected Kyoto, doesn nothing to inhibit the oil companies in his own country, is taking little action to encourage alternative fuels. Unfortunately Americans may think this happening due to the activity in the Bartlett Adminstration in The West Wing.

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