Friday, December 09, 2005

USA Attention Deficient on Climate Change

What is it with the Bush administration and climate change?

First they back out of the promises made by the Clinton administration about the Kyoto Protocols. Of course they had to cheat the most environmental minded almost President out of the white house by shutting down the recount in Florida to do so.

Then they seem to blindly think that climate change is somehow not going to affect them, as they glibly drive around in their gas guzzling cars, even to the end of the drive to pick up the paper and mail.

Now it appears their representatives have walked out of the latest UN climate conference in Canada.

I just hope many American's take to heart the message that former President Clinton gave the conference when he said:

"There is no longer any serious doubt that climate change is real, accelerating and caused by human activities."

Sadly I think the only place that doubt still exists is in the West Wing and the Oval Office. Even the plea of Prime Minster Martin of the host nation that the USA needed to heed "the conscience of the world" was formally declined by the US delegation.

Maybe we'll see Bush on an episode of Jerry Springer in a few years time entitled "Sorry I left the thermostat on too high", but then again he'll probably have deep fried before he realises that.

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Martin said...

Watch and cheer yourself up! :-)



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