Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Not a Fantasy Shadow Cabinet Anymore

Well how did my selection of the Fantasy Shadow Cabinet get on now that the major positions have been filled.

Well I got the leader right young David, who clearly benefited from the long campaign to win over the Conservative party members how he will do in the country we have yet to see.

I was right on bringing William Hague back to a prominet role, although I had him as Shadow Home not Shadow Foreign Secretary.

I may have shunted George Osbourne off to the Chairmanship prematurely however I expect him to possibly be there in 2008 to oversea the election bid og DC. he is for now remaining as Shadow Chancellor.

David Davis has remained as Shadow Home Secretary and not fulfilling my fatasy of shadowing Gordon Brown.

Other candidates in the leadership bid fared less well. Liam Fox made way for Hague and has taken on the defence brief. No word yet on Rifkind or Clarke.

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