Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Fantasy Shadow Cabinet

The BBC Politics Show has launched a Fantasy Shadow Cabinet pending the election of hte new Tory Leader. All you have to do is name the men who will file the big 4 jobs.

I've gone for DC is the leaders shoes and the following for his main appointees.

Shadow Chancellor: David Davis, I know George Osbourne is close to Cameron but he may serve another role such as Party Chairman to get Cameron's points across and attempt to make the party electable.

Shadow Foreign Secretary: Sir Malcolm Rifkind after stepping down before the first round of voting Sir Malcolm is bound to feature somewhere prominent, he's probably the best hand the Tories have for the foreign portfolio even though he has been out of Westminster for 8 years in the interim.

Shadow Home Secretary: William Hague, there is much speculation about the baseball cap wearing former leader's return to the shadow cabinet. He is still young enough to serve in seniour roles for some time and he is liable to have to come back now or else be seen as an opportunist nearer the election. So I can see his rapier wit being used in the Home Affairs against all those terrible decisions that Blair will be forcing through.

Having said that, I'll probably be well off track but it's fun to try.

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