Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Jerry Springer: The Opera An Alternative Christian Perspective

Many of my fellow bloggers have mentioned that Woolworths and Sainsbury’s have banned the Jerry Springer: The Opera DVD from their shelves. Some are blaming Christians for the limited outcry over this issue, as a Liberal Democrat, a Christian and a dramatist here is my take on this issue.

Most of the Christians who are upset about this DVD have never seen the show, or at least I think have not seen all of it. Also if they are upset about the language and people used in the show they would be equally as shocked as some of the people who listened to some of Jesus parables when they were first told.

The second half of Jerry Springer: the Opera is surely about redemption isn’t that the central ethos of the Christian message. As someone who has written Christian material for a non-Christian audience I know how difficult it is to get any message across in that theatre, however I applaud Jerry Springer the Musical for at least asking the questions in a way that gets noticed. I’m sorry that some other Christians do not see it in that way.

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James said...

Well said Glenn!


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