Friday, December 16, 2005

Leadership Crisis Culprit Revealed

There appears to a leadership crisis is the offing . Apparently David Cameron is about to launch his own brand of "modern compassionate Conservatism", including more environmentally friendly policies. How this will go down the farming, 4x4 driving and industrial supporter who make up the Tory core vote? There is talk of social justice, which is not going down well the BUPA members as this may give their buy to let tenants.

Apparently this is an attempt to woo the Liberal Democrat voters. So I appears that we have found the person who has been briefing against Charles Kennedy. Yes it was the same young policy advisor who was standing on the sidelines during Norman Lamont’s statements on Black Wednesday. That person may now be leader of the conservative party. However, within two weeks he has realised that his membership is largely getting older and is dying off. So he is aiming to take over as leader of the youngest, most forward looking and rapidly growing party. Step forward David Cameron as he launches his bid to be the next leader of the Liberal Democrats.

Sadly I understand on good authority that there are too many illiberal skeletons in his closet for this coup to succeed.

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Anonymous said...

And behind him on the photo it says Job Search!


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