Friday, December 16, 2005

Young Dave has Spoken

Well Cameron has spoken and apparently all I have to agree with him on is a commitment to green policies, localism and deregulation and then I should fit easily into the new Tory party. I’m not convinced and neither is Simon Hughes. It will take a lot more than a change of clothes and no new policies to make the sort of waves he is urgently looking for.

As Simon said:

"Talking about the environment, social justice, and a brave new world, is different from changing policy on nuclear power, fairer taxes, and Europe.

"They haven't changed their policy and, until they do so, Mr Cameron should be judged by his authorship of the last Conservative manifesto."

Let us not forget that young Dave and his shadow chancellor were two of the main architects of this.

So Mr. Cameron it’ll take a lot more than a new face to make those of us who have battled against Conservatism for years in various locations to simply up and jump ship. However, it is good to know you realise where the real talent is located, shame you won’t be able to pilfer it.

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Anonymous said...
Cameron spoke online as well- he just got a bit muddled...


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