Thursday, December 08, 2005

Jerry Springer: The BBC Soap Opera

Well the BBC have noticed blogsphere's widespread uproar to the Jerry Springer: The Opera DVD being removed by Sainsburys and Woolworths.

I appear to be getting what is appearing to be the standard reponse from Woolworths which did not even address my specifific questions. There are tell tale signs in the response.

My Email

Subject: Jerry Springer: The Opera DVD

Dear Sir/Madam,

I understand for press coverage that you have removed
the above product from your shelves because of 10
letters of complaint for a so-called 'christian'

As a Christian myself I am apalled that these people
should want to ban anything which while secular in
origin contains a message of redemtion at the end. I
think this is one way that the Christian message can
be spread to a secualr world and have actively used it
in outreach to non-churched teenagers.

May I ask why this decision was made by your company?
Does the production breach the BBFC classification? Is
Woolworth's claiming to to be above the BBFC in its
decision of what it's customers including myself are
allowed a choice to purchase?

If Sainsbury's are removing this DVD because of these
'chirstian' saducees are they also complaining what
about lad's magazines such as 'Loaded', Women's
magazines such as 'Cosmo' which surely also violate
thier high moral stand point. If not, are they being
selective in their protest? And therefore have they
forced Woolworths to bow to selective protest?

I look forward to your response. Until then I shall be
shopping elsewhere as believe in the freedom in our
country for all people to have their say, without fear
of any religious group seeking to censure.


Stephen Glenn

Their 'Automated' Response

Dear Stephen,

Thank you for your email.

Please find below our Media Statement regarding this title:


Woolworths is not a censor and does not wish to act as one. Like any other retailer, it is guided by government legislation with regard to film certification.

However, we also listen to our customers and their feedback. On this occasion we have received numerous complaints and it is clear to us that our customers would prefer us not to stock this product.

As a result it has been removed from sale.

Further information - Woolworths Press Office, 0207 706 5689

I can assure you that your comments have been noted and I hope you will reconsider your decision and shop with us again soon.

Kerry Dover
Customer Support Advisor

Notice the gap after 'as a result it has been removed from sale' a sign that there was a pasted section above that.


Mark said...

Lynne Featherstone's blog has the addresses of the two firms Chief Execs - so you could write to them too and get some more replies to compare and contrast :-)

Stephen Glenn said...

I know Mark, am waiting for the post.


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