Thursday, December 08, 2005

Kennedy Not Worried by Cameron

Charles Kennedy has said that the election of David Cameron will not affect the identity or ambition of the Liberal Democrats.

Critics have said that David Cameron would turn into a clone of Charles Kennedy's image with voters as a young family man. However, on BBC Radio 4's Today Programme the Lib Dem Leader said:

"You will see very clear differences of policy and of substance between ourselves and the Conservatives"

He stated real policy differences with Mr Cameron on issues such as the Iraq war, university tuition fees and the environment. He said:

"The one policy decision on Europe that the new (Conservative) leader has announced is that they're going to withdraw from the Conservative grouping in the European Parliament their British MEPs, so that's an isolationist approach and that's not the real world.

"On tuition fees [Mr Cameron] doesn't share with us the opposition to tuition fees."

He also ruled out the question of a coalition between the two parties as now being "redundant".

Actually keeping an unique identity from both Labour and the Conservatives will not be too hard going on the performance at PMQs yesterday.

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