Thursday, December 15, 2005

Bizarre Labour Response to Post Office Closure

It is interesting to see just what sort of public response new Labour run West Lothian Council have to the closure of Bathgate’s main Post Office. Especially as I have posted my thoughts on this on the football club’s website. This is quite an good public arena locally because, as well as myself, a SNP and a Labour councillor are both regular posters.

Somebody had posted that the development of Livingston was shutting Bathgate, once a prospering beating heart of West Lothian, down. I responded that it was actually shutting West Lothian down. So imagine my delight when Labour Councillor Willie Dunn, who is also Deputy leader of the Council, came on an posted not about the Post Office situation but attacking my signature in light of the above post.

My signature comes straight from the West Lothian Lib Dem Website:

Working for Livingston and Linlithgow & Falkirk East with a link to the website.

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