Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Bathgate Main Post Office Set to Close

The Main Post Office in Bathgate is set to close under plans released today. A new post office will then be relocated in the Spar shop in the town.

Although this is only 150 metres away from the current location it is relying on the long term commitment of the Spar to maintain the post office on its premises. Recently the Carmondean Post Office was under threat when Safeways was taken over by Morrisons. Morrisons refused to maintain the post office as part of their take over of the business.

The people of Bathgate will be trusting a large number of much needed services to the whim of a retailer who may renege on the franchise if it does not prove profitable enough for their liking, or if the chain goes under or taken over. Then the community may find a newcomer to take up the Post Office franchise not so easy to find.

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