Saturday, November 12, 2005


Woke up this morning and in between waiting for my online chess oponents to respond to my moves noticed Susanne Lamido and other Liberal Democrats have found and listed themselves on what is seeking to be the ultimate list of all blogs. I was good to see that the Lib Dems are by far the best represented UK political party on this list.

Although to be fair Bloggers for Cameron and Boris Johnson represent the Conservatives. Niether Labour nor Socialism are currently listed in the category index so maybe the spin doctors are circling threateningly around Labour bloggers seeking to prevent publicity of possible rebellion.

There is also a Who Do You Think you are kidding Mr Prescott blog campaigning for an English Parliament. No doubt I will have fun finding out more blogs as time goes by.

One of the strangest categories was for Noddles which brought up one blog. Fortunately it mentions more that just noddles and will not be fielding candidates in any by elections in the near future.

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