Friday, November 11, 2005

Scottish By Election Results

Colin Ross was bemoaning the fact that we are failing to staind candidates in the West Midlands. However, here in Scotland by election fever has carried on. It is six weeks since we had a hat trick with Westminster, Holyrood and Council election by elections on the same day.

Although we did not stand a candidate in Dumfries and Galloway last month we again were fighting three elections in Scotland this week.

In the Murrayfield ward in Edinburgh Mike Crockart increased the Lib Dem vote by 10.5% to close the gap on the Tories. Labour and the SNP vote dropped dramatically and even the Conservatives suffered a dent in their share.

Over in Glasgow in Knightswood Park Katy Gordon leapfrogged the Scottish Socialists and Conservatives with an 8.5% increase to come a very credible third. Closing in on both the SNP and Labour carrying on the trend of the Lib Dems in Scotland's largest city.

Only in Loanhead in Midlothian did our vote go down. However, the Labour candidate had held the seat until being defeated by an independent in 2003 and two indepedents and a strong local SNP candidates caused quite an intriguing day.

I agree with Colin however that we need to stand candidates in as many by elections as possible as we should always be working on building nad maintaining our local presence between elections.

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