Saturday, November 12, 2005

Smokescreen or Counter Smokescreen

Defence Secretary John Reid has been defending the police. Saying the the Tories are using the political activies of the police over the last week over the 90 days they said they needed to detail suspected terrorists.

Firstly when the police come under the Minstry of Defence? Are they not under the remit of Charles Clarke the Home Secretary?

Secondly the fact is that the Tories along with a large number of Labour back-benchers and the Liberal Demcrats support the most draconian period of detention without trial in any western democracy to rise it to 28 days. That is a four fold increase from earlier this year already. This was offered as a compromise.

Therefore, is not the smokescreen that Dr Reid is trying to errect over the fact that his government colleagues were trying to make us even further the most draconian free state?


john said...

I voted for 28 days because it was better than 90, not because it is in itself good.

Stephen Glenn said...

I'm sure you did John, and thank you.

As I stated here the MP's who voted for it did so as a compromise, the best option on offer. However, even this compromise is taking us way out in the civil unliberty stakes, something I'm sure you and our friends and colleagues will continue to uphold and fight for.


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