Tuesday, September 20, 2005

What has Loganlee Done to Deserve This?

Loganlee is a snall former mining village to the South West of the Livingston constituency. It regularly holds hustings meeting prior to Parliamentary elections.

Last night it held its postponed hustings for the by-election. Eight of the Ten candidates turned up but for the second time this year the Labour candidate did not give the people of Loganlee present in the Miners' Welfare the courtesy of his time.

In April the agent stepped in. In September the MSP turned up. Is this a sign of the continuing withdrawal of the candidate from the public face of the campaign?

Interesting Election Factoid 6 The Labour agent who stood in for the Loganlee hustings in April is now the candidate.


Niniane Mackenzie said...

The SSP suspended campaigning for the immediate future in the Livingston by-election following the sudden and tragic death of Bill Lebrun, election agent for the SSP candidate Steven Nimmo. (taken from the SSP Livingston blog).

Niniane Mackenzie said...

As for the Labour candidate...I would be willing to wager he went down to Brighton with Mr. Broon.

Here's Labour.org 's bio of Mr. Devine:


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