Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Blunkett Admits Pension Problem While Visiting Livingston

Today's Scotsman carries a report that says that David Blunkett has admitted that Britain is facing a pension problem. This is something that the Lib Dem candidate Charles Dundas already knew and is seeking to address if elected.

What is Labour's solution?

"We need a debate right across Britain, firstly about the nature of the problem and the challenge of the future, but secondly about how we're going to contribute."

Firstly David the people of Britain can already tell you the nature of the problem you and your chancellor have been misappropriating their National Insurance contributions. You have raised those conribution by more that you have increased the state pension. If Gordon Brown is such a great Chancellor ask him to explain the maths.

Secondly how you are going to contribute is look after those who are vulnerable, don't means test those who cannot comprehend what you are asking of them. Don't ask them to re-evaluate all the time nad stop changing the goalposts. Oh, and stump up more for those who have contributed to our society and now are in need and don't tax them what they can ill afford through a fixed rate council tax for all.

Interesting Election Faxctoid 7 Not so much a factoid more a question what with Blunkett, Brown and Darling in the last few day plus others. When was the last time so many Government activists turned up in a by-election contest when they were supposedly defending a 13,000 majority?

Are labour scared? The buzz on the streets seems to suggest they are.

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