Monday, September 19, 2005

At Least the Winter Gardens are Dry

Today was my birthday an event that usually clashes with the Lib Dem Federal Conference, like this year. However, this year I am not raising my arm every so often to vote on vital issues from the body of the hall. Or trying to get a speaker's card accepted to speak in a debate. Regular readers of my blog will know why.

Today was not a dry birthday the drizzle pursued me while I was out delivering for the Westminster by Election in Livingston. Then got heavier when I moved on to Uphall for some more deliveries. At least sitting in the Winter Gardens would have been a dry alternative and I don't meant the speeches. Looking at today's debates I can imagine my fellow Lib Dems where anything but dry.

Meanwhile our candidate Charles Dundas took the challenge to Labour over their latest by election leaflet. Their candidate says that he will clean up the streets of Livingston. Strangely something that is not a major issue on the doorsteps, but is in the control of the local Labour Run Council. So we offered some new brooms for him to help his colleagues to succeed where he says they are failing.

Strangely these were turned away by a quite confrontational mob at their headquaters. Maybe we'll be able to do something about it when we have a Liberal Democrat MP in a few days time.

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