Sunday, September 18, 2005

What do Lib Dem Conference Reps do Instead of Going to Conference?

Just been catching up on events today at conference from the Party Website and from my fellow Lib dem Bloggers, at least those who have posted during the day before hitting this evenings fringe.Cllr. Louise Alexander asked an interesting question today, my title is the alternate universe of Liberal Democracy this week.

This morning I got up came downstairs and saw my voting rep badge and conference programmes still sitting on the coffee table. along side this was a letter from Nicol Stephen asking me to go help in the Livingston and Cathcart by Elections. Don't worry Nicol I'm sure you have seen me there enough times to know I'm already unto that.

So it was off to Uphall to start delivering with initially five bundles. Another volunteer turned up and was shipped out bringing three more. Two more volunteers were later sent out carrying two more bundles for us to complete Uphall. So instead of antoicipating 2 hours out in Uphall after about 3 we were heading back. But progress was being made. Then after a well earned roll or two it was off to Mid and East Calder to complete the latest leaflet to go out there.

Another return to the office then off to do two runs which included our Labour MSP. I happened to see him sat on his sofa watching TV.

But while I would dearly wish to be with fellow Liberal Democrats at Blackpool I know I have very important work to do up here in the next week. Next year I should be back at conference in September. Shame the Labour Party had to go and rush through these two by elections to ruin my democratic right to vote and speak at conference on such important issues.


Niniane Mackenzie said...

Stephen "Shame the Labour Party had to go and rush through these two by elections to ruin my democratic right to vote and speak at conference on such important issues."

The Labour party had to ensure that these two by-elections were scheduled during THEIR Labour Party Annual Conference down in Brighton next week, (25-29th September). Far be it from us to ever accuse the Labour Party of ELECTIONEERING.

Stephen Glenn said...

Very true, however, Labour central command must not realise how little media attention the national conferences garner in the Scottish Press.

It may have helped tham last year in Hartlepool but will have neglible effect in Livingston and less in Cathcart.

Niniane Mackenzie said...

Labour voters don't read the broadsheets -- they read the Daily Record and watch a lot of telly.

Labour's going to get a lot of free tv press coverage next week in the news (more than any other party could ever hope to have).

I wager Mr. Broon will bring Mr. Devine and Mr. Gordon up on stage in front of the cameras for the customary grip and grin.

That kind of press coverage is worth far more than 100 newspaper clippings which highlight adulterous affairs, boozing, and MSP sniping comments against fellow colleagues.

It won't matter that it's an English conference.

Niniane Mackenzie said...

Brown backs by-election candidate

From the Scotsman, 19 th September 2005

Gordon Brown is set to join Labour's campaign in the by-election
prompted by the death of former Foreign Secretary Robin Cook.

The Chancellor and Labour hopeful Jim Devine are visiting the
Livingston base of contact lens-manufacturer Bausch and Lomb, one of
the largest employers in West Lothian, which sells its products to
more than 100 countries.

Conservative leader Michael Howard will also join the campaign trail.

Nationalists, whose candidate Angela Constance came second to Mr Cook
in May's general election, said Mr Brown needed "a wake-up call" over
petrol prices and Scotland's sluggish economic performance.

SNP leader Alex Salmond said: "Scotland has the lowest long-term
growth in the European Union, the highest unemployment in the UK and,
even though we are an oil-rich nation, our motorists and industry are
paying through the nose with sky-high fuel prices.

"On the streets of Livingston people have been asking why the
Chancellor has failed to do his part to limit the rapid rise in petrol
and diesel costs.

"Every penny increase in the price of fuel at the pumps gives the
Chancellor an extra £20 million in VAT revenues. This money could and
should be put back into the pockets of motorists with a cut in fuel
duties. The Chancellor is out of touch and in need of a wake-up call."

But Mr Devine hit back, saying: "The SNP are obsessed with talking
down Scotland and West Lothian. Gordon Brown has delivered low
unemployment, low mortgage rates, a minimum wage and more money for
West Lothian's schools and NHS. All the SNP would give the people of
West Lothian is more tax."

Mr Cook died aged 59 after collapsing while walking in the north of
Scotland with his wife Gaynor on Saturday, August 6. The Livingston
by-election will take place on September 29, with Labour defending a
majority of more than 13,000.

Conservative leader Michael Howard will join Tory candidate Gordon
Lindhurst at the Almondvale Shopping Centre and will also visit the
Glasgow Cathcart constituency, where a by-election for the Scottish
Parliament is being held on the same day as the Livingston contest.


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