Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Schoolboy, the Search, the Shock

Over the weekend we experienced our own horror story unfolding here in West Lothian. Rory Blackhall went missing from his school on Thursday, he wasn't there to be picked up at the end of the day by his grandfather.

Over the weekend helicopters, mountain rescue teams, police and volunteers were searching every area in Livingston where he could be hiding or have been hidden. Livingston is very green and there are a lot of such areas. You realise this as you drive past yet another search team looking in undergrowth.

On Sunday afternoon before any official announcement was made the whole town started to know something was up. The Police who had been moving on to the next bush or copse were now static their faces giving it away. Mountain Rescue teams were departing with their rucksacks there could be only one explanation, a body had been found close to Rory's school in a wooded area.

The town is in shock and yesterday police were present at every primary school in town to reassure parents and pupils.

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