Thursday, August 25, 2005

Controversial Labour One Gender Short List

Surprise, surprise Labour announces a short list comprised of one gender for the Livingston by Election and there is an outcry. This time however it is because it is an all male short-list.

You would have thought out of 40 applicants from across the country there would have been at least one competent woman amongst them. Maybe I'm just naive about the potential of women in politics, too much time around Jo Swinson and Marilyne MacLaren no doubt giving me a distorted view. But no! After cutting the list down to twelve for interview Labour have announced a short list of five men for the by Election.

Indeed Cathy Peattie, Labour MSP and convener of the Scottish parliament's equality committee, expressed concern at the nominations.

"It is now as if the Scottish parliament selections are by one set of rules, and Westminster by another," she said.

"That situation appears to be worsening and I think the Labour Party has to look at this."

The men who will be facing the local members today are Unison official, and Cook's agent, Jim Devine, Sportscotland executive John Duncan, three councillors Hanzala Malik from Glasgow, and West Lothian's own Willie Dunn and John McGinty.

Both the Liberal Democrats and SNP have women on the shortlists that all the local party members will vote on.

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