Thursday, August 25, 2005

Lib Dem PPC for Livingston Selected

Tonight Charles Dundas who stood in the seat for the May General Election was overwhelmingly elected as the PPC for the Livingston by Election in a vote by local party members.

He said, "News of my premature candidacy has been greatly exaggerated. However, I am glad that I have the continued support of the Local Party and was tonight selected to contest the forthcoming by election in Livingston."

The fact that Charles has worked hard for the local party since the General Election made it difficult for the other candidates, no matter how good they were, to take this position away from him.

On a personal note I am glad that the continuity we discussed after the General Election had allowed to continue and I look forward to working alongside Charles.

Interesting factoid of the campaign 1: Our paths first crossed when we actually both were shortlisted and interviewed for the job he currently holds.

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