Saturday, August 27, 2005

The Usual Suspects

Okay the three leading parties in Livingston have now chosen their candidates. Seeing as It is only just over 3 months from the general election it is hardly surprising that both the Liberal Democrats and SNP have chosen their General Election candidates, Charles Dundas and Angela Counstance respectively.

Robin Cook's agent Jim Devine makes up the trio, although with the confessions he made in today's Daily Record may be a suicidal opening statement, clever opening gambit or a error in Labour's slection process when they rush through by elections. Only the result will tell.

The SNP are trying to ignore the fact that their vote has shrunk on each of the last four Westminster Elections while the Lib Dems are breathing down their necks on the way up. But then this is no real surprise, that is what Labour and Tories have done in by elections that Lib dems have won or challenged strongly in in recent years.

Next week the SSP are due to select their candidate, I suspct they also will reselect their candidate from May, Steven Nimmo. As for the Tories if anyone know the location of any Tories in Livingston could you ask them to get in contact as I'm really concerned that they have slinked off the planet without telling the rest of us why.

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