Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Race is On - Tories Left in Their Blocks

So the race to succeed Robin Cook is heating up. All three of the main parties in Livingston are in the process of selecting their candidates to be announced on Friday.

Telling though is the comment that 'The Conservative Party has yet to finalise its selection process'. Considering they are having the same problem in deciding how to select their next leader this is not too surprising. Mind you they were also the only local party that was incapable of making a comment in the press about the passing of the Member of Parliament.

Labour had 40 applicants from across the country, obviously chasing what is considered the safe seat on offer; local names are still considered to be favourites though. My SNP opponent in May, Gordon Guthrie, has decided to turn his back on the people of Linlithgow and East Falkirk after just 3 months to challenge the SNP’s Livingston General Election candidate. We have three Liberal Democrat applicants who will be facing the short listing panel before being presented to the local party later this week.

We live in interesting times, this week will be a long week in politics.

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