Friday, September 03, 2010

So Long Cyril, So Long Big Man

Some men are larger than life through their personality, some are larger than life through their size. Sir Cyril Smith, former Liberal (then Liberal Democrat) MP for Rochdale was certainly both, the later until he lost weight under doctors advice.

Today Lib Dem Voice have announced the sad news that one of the giants of the Liberal Party that kept it going through its darkest, loneliest hours has passed on aged 82.

I think it only fitting, for the time being*, to look at this compilation of pictures of the man, but to the words about a different Cyril but hey, who's counting eh?

Nice one Cyril.

Sir Cyril Smith 28 June 1928 - 3 September 2010
MP for Rochdale 1972-1992

* I'll do a further tribute after I finish work.

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