Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Top Ten Blog Posts of the Last 12 Months

I see that my good friend Caron has done a little navel gazing and listed her top ten blogs as viewed by her readers over the last 12 month. 'Tis the season for introspection in the Blogosphere after all so I thought I may as well follow suit.

So as is traditional with these things here they are in reverse order of page views.

10. No Matter What: Stephen Gateley 1976-2009 my initial an then growing tribute to Stephen Gateley as news and details of his death came into the public domain.

9. Next is my reposte to Irfan Ahmed about the choice of Lib Dem targeting: Target Seats Were Based on Evidence at the Time Irfan

8. My annual look at the state of things in China Kung Hei Fat Choy 2010

7. Rather appropriate for today's Cambama declaration in Washington Oil Be There For You

6. Someone I don't want to sit in the psychiatrists chair of, Tory Bear Pop Psychiatry Gone Political.

5. Here's one I almost forgot to post. A is for Airbrushing Part ii

4. One of the Question Time failures gets into the top 10 BBC Fail to Answer my Concern

3. The sad story of what was happening to Kerry Robertson and he son Ben: Fife Council Child Snatchers.

2. For this one I'm glad to have been on service. Applying for a Postal Vote: Deadline Tuesday 20 April I hope almost a thousand of you were able to vote as a result.

Which leads to the grand winner, my most popular blog post of the last 12 months was actually written in March last year. While people say a picture speaks a thousand words it is certainly true of this post, most searches that hit it are from google images or the equivalent on other engines.

1. Chinese Deathly Whispers

As this was actually written outwith the last 12 months I'll also mention the post that would be tenth it I only counted those written over the last 12 months. My View on Sports Personality of the Year posted before the event and looking at the merits of the short list.

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