Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Condemnation Given: But Stung By Accusation in the Tail

There is an issue of SNP posters being defaced and removed in the Linlithgow and East Falkirk constituency, I am using this blog post to publicly condemn such action. I know that nobody involved in my campaign has been involved in such action and I trust that from my experience that neither the Labour nor Conservative camps would have been either.

However, I also take offence at the strong and untrue wording of the SNP agent Martyn Day over on the SNP candidate's blog. While asking quite correctly calling for the three candidates to join in publicly condemning such action he also says:

"[The SNP] will not lower ourselves to the kind of gutter politics we so often see coming from the London parties"

In the nine years I have been involved in local politics I have never known any of the five major parties to go around defacing and removing other parties' posters. To throw such a comment in at the end of such a statement asking for an apology and clean campaign is sinking to just such a level.

I would actually like an apology for such an accusation being made by the agent, who is also a local councillor and should know better. To cast an accusing finger so publicly to all the other parties is not in the keeping of the friendly co-operative approach that local politics in this area is renowned for.

I have and will continue to fight this campaign on policy and the ability to serve the people of this constituency. Those are the sole criteria on which the voters should decide who will be their next MP.


Jess The Dog said...

Where are your posters? None up in Linlithgow. I reckon the vandals are overenthusiastic Labour youngsters because the childishly amusing scrawls were made shortly before the Labour posters went up.

Stephen Glenn said...

Jess I have a confirmation of the above that it is youngsters that were involved in the removal of SNP posters in Whitburn. They may be Labour supporting but not members or activists.


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