Friday, April 09, 2010

Reason to Vote Lib Dem 127: Bankers Backing Dave

At present the two most hated professions in the public eye are bankers and politicians.

Bankers for who issue over the taxpayers having to bail them out while they still grant themselves multi-million bonuses. Politicians because of the expenses scandal, which has tarred all parties with the same brush, despite the Liberal Democrats record of fighting to clear this up even before the Telegraph started their round of articles exposing the worst last year.

Therefore the news that top bankers are backing David Cameron's Conservatives most be worrying. Maybe it is a sign that the Conservatives are softest on banks, softest on the problems with banks. If you thought Labour dealt with them poorly you may need to look long and hard at the Tories if then Banks want them in.

Don't forget the 'pinstriped Scargills' are the businesses who like the Tories not because of the fairness they bring but because of the benefits, especially to their profits that will be accrued.

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