Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Prime Minister Clegg?

Former US Presidential Candidate Howard Dean is saying that Nick Clegg could actually win the General Election and become Prime Minister. He's said Nick could be the big winner from Britain's first televised election debates, capitalising on disillusion with the two larger parties.

After the success of the first debate between the various chancellors with the undecided and wavering voters from Vince Cable's performance is is possible. I know Nick will do well and won't be making any pig squels into microphone anytime in the next few weeks. If Gordon is terse and Dave lacks any substance, just like George presenting 'his 'most important pledge' on the morning of the debate, who can tell.

Already I've had one comment that Howard Dean thought he could win the American Presidency as if an inability to learn from past mistakes ruled you out of seeing things clearly and having an opinion. But hang on hasn't Gordon made a mistake over the banks and boom and bust, and where was David Cameron on Black Wednesday again, oh yeah that's right next to my then MP the Chancellor Norman Lamont. If making mistakes, especially political ones, rules you out of public office then that's Gordon and Dave stymied then, enter Nick through that big black door.

Actually come to think of it didn't Nick say something along the lines of wanting to be Prime Minister in Bournemouth last September.

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