Friday, February 26, 2010

The East Lothian Question

I see via Jeff that James MacKenzie (aka blogger Two Doctors) for the Greens is joining the race alongside Lib Dem Stuart Ritchie, my Conservative opponent from 2005 Michael Veitch, SNP blogger Andrew Sharp, and Gordon Norrie from UKIP to take on whoever the Labour candidate is for East Lothian.

The reason I of course say whoever the Labour party decide is that Anne Mofatt the sitting MP has lost the confidence of the Local party and the party's National Executive is due to make a ruling on whether to deselect her next week, following a 25-5 vote of the membership to take that course last month.

The result in 2005:

Labour 18,983 41.5%
Lib Dem 11,363 24.8%
Conservative 7,315 16%
SNP 5,995 13.1%
Green 1,132 2.5%
SSP 504 1.1%
UKIP 306 0.7%
Christian Vote 178 0.4%

A swing of 7.5% from Labour to the Lib Dems.

While I obviously won't wish James too much luck, and he knows the reasons why (look above) I'm glad t see another blogger entering the political fray and in James's case a back stage guy taking to the stage itself.

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