Thursday, January 28, 2010

End of Nearlyhood

When the Total Politics poll of political blogs was announced in September of last year I jokingly started to refer to myself as a nearly blogger. The term "The Stephen Glenn Position" was coined and reused by many for that position just outside a chart. Because there were ten published positions for the Scottish Blogs and the Liberal Democrats, I was eleventh in both (for Scotland that was a on-mover).There was the top 100 blogs overall, and my name wasn't on that list but at the very top of the 101-200 blogs. Even the other day Mark Thompson issued a list of the top 20 Lib Dem Twitterers by followers, and you guessed it, I was 21st.

Therefore I'm quite pleased (and shocked) to find I am actually not just on a list but on the podium in the first of the Scottish Round Up Scot Blog categories that was announced today. In the Top Politicians' Blogs for Parliamentarians, Councillors or aspirant PPCs I come in at number three, behind Anne 'Ingygal' McLaughlin MSP and Callum Cashley SNP PPC for Edinburgh North and Leith.

More surprisingly the three of us are all ahead of Tom Harris MP who was the top Parliamentarian, top politician and top Labour blog in the Total Politics poll.

I'd just like to say thank you to everyone who voted and to Duncan for running the awards plus counting the votes. Imagine a bottle of champagne is being sprayed liberally from my step on that podium.

UPDATE: Joy of joy, day of listings. After, as mentioned above, failing to make the Lib Dem list of Twitterati I'm in at number 5 on the Scottish Politico Twitterers, which is only 3rd best Lib Dem.


Holyrood Patter said...

this might prove jeffs point about the west lothian question in iain dales rankings

subrosa said...

Congratulations Stephen. I wouldn't be spraying champagne over any podium - I'm surprised at you. :)

Paul Walter said...

You can't go on like this you know. One day your body and mind will remind you that you are human! Mark my words!


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