Thursday, December 03, 2009

There Have Been Too Many Goodbyes.... recent weeks across the MacBlogosphere. This post from Subrosa* is sadly just another in a long chain, but the reasons that Subrosa has given raises cause for concern to all bloggers.

Unlike some of the bloggers out there I may have developed a rhinoceros hide. One of my former partners said I was far more public a person than they could ever be, but then again come election time my address get's posted in the newspaper and outside all the polling places where I am standing. Add to that I'm on the doorsteps engaging with local people a lot of the time my words can be rejected or accepted to my face as well as in the comments section. But this is not the first tale I've heard of someone being hounded out of blogging and I wish Subrosa all the best and hope that her worse fears are just that fears and don't come to any reality.

Subrosa and I have often over the less than a year that she has blogged had debates in our various comments sections. We won't always agree on things after all we hold different political views but that like a large number of the other bloggers out there doesn't make them any less of a friendly face (even virtual) in the crowd.

There seems to be a current trend in trying to out anonymous bloggers, much like the ridiculous way that certain groups try to out individuals based on their sexuality or in the US for their stance on abortion. I can respect fellow bloggers preference for Anonymity, for the most part I respect that#, and providing they write a coherent argument to support their views I can respect them for that as well. I don't respect them using their anonymity to spread lies, unfounded rumours or the like. It does bring to mind one story about myself of someone (from the MSM) digging for dirt and thinking they had found it, only to realise it was no news at all, must regular readers can guess what that may have been about.

Anyway back on track, it is disgraceful that anyone should be tracking down bloggers who colour the diversity of our blogosphere in such a way as to cause a concern to that individual for their own and their families safety. As Subrosa wrote it is people who "crave from their perverted pleasure in manipulating the distress of others" whether in this way or through chat rooms should never be tolerated. Indeed is a far greater need within the cyber community that Lord Mandelvort's three strike implications for illegal file sharing. The actions of such people can actually hurt people psychologically and mentally more than anything else and is a form of bullying that none of us should have to put up with.

In conclusion I want to wish Subrosa a fond and sad farewell. Parting under such circumstances can bring nothing but sorrow, but I with you and yours all the best for the future. The same applies to Advanced Media Watch and some of the others who have recently departed.

Update: Sadly I note that the shutters are down on Subrosa's blog before I could go over there an make a comment in her comments.

* Sadly this link is now a dead end.
# The only exception is Tory Bear because he used double standards on that matter himself.


Calum Cashley said...

"It does bring to mind one story about myself of someone (from the MSM) digging for dirt and thinking they had found it, only to realise it was no news at all, must regular readers can guess what that may have been about."

Found out you were a Lib Dem, eh?

RantinRab said...

I don't know what the hell is happening to the Scottish blogosphere, (I really don't), but it's disgracefull.

I feel genuinely upset the Subrosa is calling it a day!

RantinRab said...

*that* Subrosa, not the...


Holyrood Patter said...

callum its strange that these stories are so prevalant, indeed you only have to check search engine references to your blog.

i recall early in my blogs life, when pretty much no one knew of my identity, someone had reached my blog by googling the name of the blog, my full name, my home time, and my then boss's age. bizarre


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