Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Stating the Bleeding Obvious Predictions for 2010

1. There will be a General Election

2. The boat race will be won by Oxford....or of those two teams at any rate.

3. The ice and snow currently covering large swathes of Scotland will melt.

4. During the Football World Cup in South Africa there will descent from players against at least one official.

5. There will be new boxing world champions....what you want the divisions, belts etc?...hey these are the bleeding obvious predictions not Nostradamus or some Mayans.

6. Talking of Mayan's somebody somewhere during the year will point out that the end of the Mayan calendar has happened before, and if only some Mayan were creating new far reaching calendars the film 2012 might not have happened.

7. There will be 5 men and 5 women nominated for the best Actor and Actress awards for the 2010 Academy Awards.

8. David Cameron will smile, look pensive and wave.

9. Gordon Brown will look glum, look glummer and try not to smirk again.

10. The Earth will do a complete circuit of the Sun, the moon will make approximately 13.4 orbits of the earth and Vogon Constructor Ships will not demolish us to make way for a Hyperspace least not this year.

UPDATE: As people keep linking to this and not my actual considered predictions I thought I'd better had do that myself.

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