Friday, August 28, 2009

Just for Caron - The Blogger Meet Gossip

Last night House of Twits retweeted Caron's Tweet:

So here, to the best of my recollection is any that is permissible for the public record.

Me and Lionel turned up early and secured a table under cover next to the Pleasance Courtyard bar. From here I could watch both entrances to the Courtyard while Lionel got on with reading this months copy of Total Politics which just happened to be in my bag.

The first blogger I recognised was Will Howells meandering across the Courtyard looking lost with his ear surgically conjoined to his mobile. However, he got close enough for me to head over and say hi. But he was looking for the queue to the Pleasance Above to go for the next show of his 7/8 show Fringe-athon.

Then to my surprise Ruaraidh Dobson turned up with a friend. They were looking to see a show and after trying to make up their mind asked me for a recommendation. I suggested Pippa Evans who I'd seen before. I also said that due to Ruaraidh's dietary situation that if he went she would sing a song to him. There was a bet of a pint on this outcome. They then went off to buy tickets.

In the meantime somewhere in the Courtyard were Jess the Dog and Andrew Tibbs, but obviously a Lion reading Total Politics wasn't working as a clue. Jeff resplendent in Golden Tie turned up, followed by Doctor Vee with Sarah. Malc then turned up for his soft drinks what with Saturday's 21 mile training run and the Loch Ness Marathon 5 weeks away. At this point Ruaraidh came back past the table with tickets on the way to the Pleasance Beside to find a table full of bloggers and some hasty introductions were made. Before he went to queue up in front of Marcus Brigstocke.

Jess and Andrew then found our crew. (Order of arrival is not easily remembered so apologies if the order behind Jeff is wrong. However, Jeff (aka courtesy of Malc 'Number Two' or 'jobby') announced that Tom Harris the only more popular Scottish blogger in the recent poll had donated £20 towards a round, providing we kept the receipt. Round duly bought and consumed Angry Steve turned up and snapped numerous pictures some of which you can see here. Then Wendy drove over with the Glasgow taxi carrying Yousuf and Holyrood Patter turned up. James of the Two Doctors was the final blogger of the evening to make our acquaintance.

So that's all who was there onto the gossip.

Lionel was flirting outrageously with the female flyerers. Duncan mentioned the future path of the Scottish Round Up. Malc and I had a chin wag about running and Wendy refused to divulge her times. Discovered that Jess the Dog is now a West Lothian blogger living as he does in Linlithgow. We talked about the support or otherwise we were getting over our various stances of Magrahi. Angry Steve was angrily tearing up any flyer that dared to get placed on our table. Tory Bear and Irfan Ahmed got absentia mentions, I think in the same sentence. Malc, Jeff and Wendy possibly others all asked me how Caron was and expressed how sad they were that she still is up to a night out like last night.

A big cheer went up when it got dark enough for Yousuf to break yesterday's fast. Then great debate over the merits of salt and sauce, at which the Weggie had turned his nose up at. Holyrood Patter and I discussed the nice chippy Babylon on the corner of Cappielow and how I may miss their chips if the SFA don't overturn the Livingston decision. On our celebrity watch as well as Marcus Brigstocke, Dara O'Brain was also spotted around the place, looking rather more svelte than was expected.

It eventually did get rather windy and wet to the group moved en masse down the hill to Holyrood 9A and the dry. Will Howells caught us up and a thank you card was signed by all (and PPed by me on Caron's behalf at Jeff's insistence) to Tom Harris. Slowly we all dispersed with me ensuring that Yousuf and HP found Waverley. Although having just missed my penultimate train I ended up getting just in time to avoid turning into a pumpkin.

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Jess The Dog said...

An excellent night, great to meet everyone over a few drinks!


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