Saturday, May 23, 2009

Scott Rennie Calling Upheld By General Assembly

Today has been an busy and varied day for me starting from a train full of Leinster fans, doing some European election campaigning to turning up to campaign in favour of Scott Rennie outside the general assembly.

I have just returned home to see that the General Assembly have voted 326 votes to 267 to uphold the appointment of Scott Rennie as the new minister of Queen's Cross Congregation Aberdeen. Earlier today there were two protests outside the Assembly building in Edinburgh one which it looks like Westboro Baptist Church didn't appear to turn up at had a max of 20 protesters when Zion Baptist church turned up. (the max when we were there pictured behind the barriers.

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The other organised my Liberal Youth Scotland* (LYS) which other groups joined unto had over 100 people turning up for and more dog collars and possibly more Christians, some of us gay, supporting. This on six days notice was quite an acheivement.

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Scott himself came along to say thank you to those of us supporting him. Ruaraidh Dobson President of LYS did a magnificent job in dealing with the press. Scott called in a statement read out on his behalf by Brian Kerr is the the "Kirk should continue to journey together" following this decision.

Personally this gay, Presbyterian Church of Ireland raised, Christian, son and grandson of a three kirk elders, former missionary, friend of Scott is glad that the vote of the Kirk in Aberdeen, and the ratification of the Presbytery has been upheld. Though I guess this may not despite Scott's pleas be the end of things. But a vote has been made as far as the Church of Scotland is concerned.

*Though there were a number of Liberal Democrats who cannot be called youth, but maybe youthful in the ranks (including myself).

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Alan Smart said...

This was great news in an otherwise depressing week. As ever Church of Scotland surprises us when we need it most.

And you don't need to be gay to get this. The fundamental decency of Scott Rennie and his supporter shone through.


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