Friday, May 15, 2009

Let's Get Out of the Edinburgh Property Game Too

Nick Clegg has already stated that the Lib Dem MPs are not going to make any personal gain from the Westminster second homes allowance and has been widely applauded for doing so.

However, yesterday as he approached the Holyrood hacks all Tavish Scott would have had to say was that neither he not any Lib Dem MSP would benefit from the Holyrood scheme which is being run down anyway and all would have been fine under the bird of Liberty. I feel that Tavish made a error when being asked about MSP's home to answer merely by pointing the situation back at the Westminster mob.

While the Holyrood scheme is more transparent with the receipts for expenses claims being published. Also MSPs cannot claim back Capital Gains Tax or Stamp Duty on their sellings and purchases. Indeed after 2011 and new MSPs will not be allowed to benefit from the scheme at all. The benefit for those incumbents therefore from expenses should merely be to allow MSPs to carry out the essential business of government they should not be allowed to benefit from the housing boom in Morningside, Leith or anywhere else in Scotland's capital personally. This is what the public are now crying out for, quite rightly and it doesn't take a big effort really. All they want is that their elected representatives get what they need to carry out their duties and not luxuriate in things that most of us, even in a business with an expenses culture, would have to pay for out of our own expenses. At the end of their period as an MSP when they have to leave they merely return any net increase to the Parliament and therefore they will not have gained financially.

Come on Tavish just say the words, "No Lib Dem MSP will make personal financial gain from there accommodation allowance." See it doesn't hurt.


Alan Smart said...

well said!

Stuart Winton said...

Well said Stephen, but it would be a travesty indeed if they were allowed to claim back any capital gains tax paid on any profits they made on property sales, thus your point seems a bit like making a virtue out of the fact that MPs and MSPs aren't allowed to claim back income tax paid on their salaries!

Stephen Glenn said...

Stuart the MPs at least have been able toe claim back the Capital Gains. The MSPs at least haven't.

I still think we need to go further than that as I said.

Stuart Winton said...

I'm a bit confused about this, Stephen.

Are you saying that when an MP sells a second home and they make a profit, which is subject to capital gains tax, then they can reclaim that tax via the expenses system?

Surely not?


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