Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Step Forward Iain MacWhirter: Derek Draper Mark II

I see that Iain MacWhirter has decided to blog in response to his article. He opens by saying:

"Bullseye. I decided it was time to enter the ranks of the bloggers, so I penned an article in the Herald which I hoped would elicit some comment. I said that "bloggers don't write, they ejaculate" amongst other highly uncomplementary things, and added that "the blogosphere has been hijacked by sociopathic egos with extreme views who spend most of their time attacking each other". You can read the piece below this post.

"As expected, I was soundly bitch-slapped by the blogging fraternity. "

Well perhaps someone in the Herald offices should turn over MacWhirter's desk calander for the last fortnight as April the First is long past.

He also still fails to get it. Despite as a pointed out here many of the Scottish political blogging fraternity taking exception to his universal branding of us as conducting in ugly politics. He then of course decides to attack Guido, Iain Dale Tory Vers 1.0 and Alex Massie.

Now regular readers of any blogger with any sense will realise just where that blogger lies, which party they support and how extreme in that belief they are. One of the first lessons I was taught as a Economic first year at Uni was read a balance of political views to get the whole picture and never quote entirely from one viewpoint in my essays. I do the same with blogs and fortunately that applies to the technophobic old media where fortunately others have embraced the new forms.

Sadly in trying to justify himself MacWhirter either looks incompotent, a numpty of attempted to emulate Derek Draper who he attacked on Monday. Way to go Iain.

Update: Will has also taken up the point(lessness) about MacWhirter's response. Plus I notice he also got a letter (email I presume) published in the dead wood press as well in response.

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