Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Harriet's Heffalump Trap Hell

As if her comment to overwrite the European Convention on Human Rights to try and cease Sir Fred Goodwin's private property (his pension) off him. Saying they could retrospectively change contracts, which would be a real disincentive for foreign investors to invest in the UK. Harriet Harman was at it again in her personal vendetta to get at Sir Fred Goodwin.

She claimed during PMQs. while standing in for the act performing to US Congress in Joint Session later that Sir Fred's pension was for his work with the Prince's and not for Banking, but for his work for the Prince's trust.

Whoops! Even Downing Street said of his award when given "[Goodwin] undertook many challenging projects that benefited both his company and the Scottish economy as a whole."

Of course it was for Banking he'd just overseen a record £6.2bn profit for RBS back in 2004 when he was awarded it. However even at the time of this award it was noted:
"However, he also came in for criticism from unions who branded him a fat cat for accepting a £900,000 bonus on top of his annual salary of £1m."

Oops, obviously not Teflon Fred then.

However, the fact that she was being asked the question by Elfyn Llwyd should have made Harriet cautious if she did not know the answer. But she fell right into that Heffalump trap and had to apologise immediately after PMQs.

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