Saturday, February 28, 2009

I'm Skunnered

I'm skunnered that the Executive of the Scottish Liberal Democrats have done what they have done.

Debra Storr, Paul Johnston and Sam Coull have been suspended pending process towards expulsion.

They appear to have ignored the intervention starting from Chris White, which was organised by the Federal Party President Ros Scott and at the behest of the Scottish leader Tavish Scott.

Also Debra Storr's complaint raised in November against the Aberdeenshire group leader Anne Robertson's treatment of her, Paul and Martin Ford was also ignored. The fact that 12 days ago it was disclosed in the Press and Journal before it was meant to be discussed at the Exec that there was "no case to answer", sadly doesn't seem to suggest a very democratic process taking place. Update 1 March, 11:42: It has been pointed out to me that the P&J were questioned and challenged about this story which had in fact jumped to gun as no decision had at that time been taken. No retraction or correction has been forthcoming since.

I've been following this case with some interest over the months. While I have blogged about it there is more that I could have said but have not yet written. However, I am still skunnered that what has taken place today took place in the party that I hold dear. I may yet write more on this, I'm undecided as yet.

More to the point this action has been taken against people who have tried to exercise the democratic and correct processes open to them to raise an issue of concern. That they have sought to correct erroneous minutes yet without the support of those who were elected on the same platform. If this is a witch hunt it has sadly got its targets.

However, earlier today I was reading Wardog speculating about fireworks at the Lib Dem conference in Perth in a fortnights. Thinking he was close, from noises I've been hearing, but may well have been barking up the wrong tree as to the reason for that. The witch hunters only have suceeded in winning a short sighted victory.

I'm still skunnered.


James Mackenzie said...

So the rot goes right to the top, eh?

subrosa said...

I'm a bit confused. Haven't these 3 started this new party therefore they're not elected on that platform are they?

I know you'll correct me if I'm wrong Stephen, which is very possible.

Liberal for Life said...

All I'll say in response to Stephen's comments on this subject is - Opinions are like A***H***S (ie backsides), everyone has got one!


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