Thursday, October 09, 2008

Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Biddy Baxter?

Oh dear Mid Scotland and Fife SNP MSP Chris Harvie has branded BBC's Blue Peter as 'evil' and called Adolf Hitler 'imaginative'.

He branded the 50 year old staple of children's television evil during a tirade against the BBC big earners. Probably in relation to the rigged viewer winner when their lines went down life on air one, and not due to their use of every day things you would normally bin for the makes section. He then compared Lord Reith and Adolf Hitler's use of the Radio medium claiming that Hitler was more imaginative in his use of the medium as a rabble rouser from scratch. Forgive me if I'm wrong but didn't the relative normality of the Reith era during war time give a certain amount of hope to those who lived through those years. As for using media for rabble rousing he's clearly encouraging the CyberNats hijacking of more newspaper comments sections to go off topic on their crusade.

He then rounded on the regulator Ofcom saying, "To leave Scotland in the hands of the present metropolitan munchkins of Ofcom and the BBC is like leaving one's parents watching daytime TV." You could almost hear Mr and Mrs Harvie senior (if still around) turning for the off switch instead of watching Countdown, or allowing the grandchildren to watch Blue Peter making a bunker out of sticky-backed plastic, a margarine tub and a cereal box.

In his defence Harvie said "These people have just taken jests I made completely out of context." Well how does one take out of context what Hitler actually turned German radio use to promoting Nazi propaganda from 1932 onwards to the USA, Europe and the world. It went on to play a key role in the German occupation of Europe. Imaginative it may well have been but destructive also. Maybe Harvie wants to become a modern day Lord Haw-Haw and propagate independence from a big radio antenna on Arthur's Seat.

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