Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Was I Closest to Breaking Gordon's Labour Bubble?

Hat tip to Jess the Dog for this excellent photo montage of Gordon Brown's extent into the campaign at Glenrothes. This map below shows just where Gordon was.

courtesy of Microsoft Virtual Earth

And where was I?

See all those houses just to the north of the industrial estate that Gordon was esconsed in. Well the majority of that area but indeed all the southern section of Woodside was covered by yours truly. Seeing as I approached the house closest to Labour HQ (as the birds fly) just after the residents pulled out in their car, I may well have been the closest non-Labour voter, not hurtling around in a car at the time that Gordon was in town.


Jess The Dog said...

Nice one - lucky you weren't shot!

Stephen Glenn said...

Funny that you should mention getting shot, considering what I've just posted.

I may have to watch out for laser sights next time I'm up there.


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