Sunday, October 05, 2008

Sunday Times Catches Up with Kezia

Well the Scottish version of the Atticus column* in today's Sunday Times is finally picking up on this post by Kezia Dugdale. They say:

Showing impeccable judgement, HBOS decided that wih its business going into meltdown and jobs on the line, it was a good time to offer customers free bubbly and flute glasses. Kezia Dugdale, a Labour researcher and HBOS customer, who recently recieved an e-mail offereing the freebie if she agreed to buy a case of wine, reckons it's taking the fizz.

Well the Sunday Times with impeccable lack of timing is picking up a blog post over 2 weeks old. As Kez posted that news on 19th September.

*Sadly not available online.

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